What to Know When Feeling low

If you're down and feeling low,
Here's some things for you to know,

If it's so bad you want to quit,
Something CAN be done about it,

If you're in the depths of depression,
Make sure you get the right nutrition,

If you're angry as your heads always sore,
Get a physical check up from a non psychiatric doctor,

If you're always ill or for mistakes are reknown,
Disconnect from or handle whoever's keeping you down,

If you're overwhelmed by everything you have to do,
Take a walk, look around, it doesn't matter where to,

If you see disaster wherever you look,
It's time for you to clean and tidy the place up,

If you feel awful as you don't do as you should,
Know you may feel bad but basically you are good,

If you're out of energy and collapse in a heap,
Drink enough water and get enough sleep,

If you feel no one cares and you are totally alone,
Remember a long lost friend and pick up the phone,

If you are on the edge and live in fear,
Go somewhere safe with no trouble near,

If you feel useless and worth nothing to no one,
Spend your time doing things you CAN get done,

If you feel 'everything' is wrong and you just can't cope,
The last thing to know, there always is hope.

copyright Fraser Kee Scott 07
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